Consider notes as your business knowledge base. You may store as notes receipts, purchasing lists, some inventory information or anything you may think is helpful to store.

You may create unlimited number of notes. Each note has title (any text up to 200 chars), keywords and body.

You may put any number of chars into body field. So notes may be very long. But we advice to you split long notes into smaller ones.

Keywords (or Tags) is the list of words separated by space. You don’t need to place comma (,) between keywords.

In search panel you may quickly find any note. Notes are searched by title and keywords. There is no full body search yet.

Notes are sorted by modification date and time. Therefore the most recent notes are shown on top of notes list.

Notes are available in Standard and Professional licenses.

If you don’t want to show Notes window for some workers then you have to go to menu Configuration – Notes and uncheck the security option: Show Notes window. The corresponding security roles must be assigned to needed workers.

Most of the actions on notes are preformed via shortcuts or context menu (right click on note's body to see context menu).

Commands of context menu:

Added a possibility to use links in Notes. For example if you have an article with name Apple. Then in another article you want to link to this article just put [Apple]. Thus [] braces maybe used to create links. After that you may navigate to the link by pressing Ctrl and then clicking on the link by mouse. To navigate back to the previous note you may right-click on the note's body and select Back action.

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